April 17

Who says motorcycling isn’t a family affair. I mean what the heck, a couple of days ago, I showed you a pooch riding with its owners on a bagger.  Now here today is grandpa’s gift to a coming generation that is still a bit too small to twist the throttle.  Along side the rocking motorcycle is the classic children book Why Grandpa Rides a Motorcycle. “Where I’m going isn’t nearly as important as enjoying the trip..kind of like how life is supposed to be.”

Then there are the motorcycle families that don’t only look down to the next generation, but also look up to the previous one.  Take this show bike for example.

Don told me that he completely dismantled his late father’s bike, piece by piece and individually polished each piece, then re-assembled it to enter it in the Freedom Riders Motorcycle Club bike show.  His dad was a Freedom Rider.  I rode with his dad even at a National Convention of Motorcycle Clubs annual meeting in Louisville. The bike never looked as good as when Don got done with it and entered it in to this show.

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