April 14

Schwinn revealed

Remember that bicycle in the snow drift I showed  you back on January 24 or there abouts?

Well the snow is gone but the bicycle is not.  It’s still leaning up against the fence, but instead of a shroud of snow, springtime colors are framing the old Schwinn.  Using a long lens, shooting down the length of the chain link fence presents a good depth of field for the image.


It’s nice to be able to see these things in spring that I had visited in winter. I’m getting out and about more in town, even going down to the Fiddlestix Cafe.  Typically, mid morning I have a bagel or English muffin with honey.  Today, I timed my breakfast to be mid-morning, about the same time a group has their traditional small-town chatter and coffee.  They had occupied those chairs along the table. Most had gone by the time I got this shot. To me, however, this looks like small town America and I’m glad to be a part of it.

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