April 9

Louis Ousley monument

I tried it yesterday and I like the results, so once again I put the old HD FXE to work as my model — this time in front of the Louis Ousley monument that stands on a hill at Riverview Cemetery outside of Wilton.  It was later in the day than the my first go at it posted as April 8 here on North Dakota 365.  I used my speedlight to light it up a bit against the darkening evening.

The monument to Louis Ousley states that he was killed  February 2, 1918, “somewhere” in France. It proclaims, “He died for democracy.”  A document regarding Wilton’s history states, “Private Ousley of Company “A” North Dakota Infantry, was not only the first Wilton man to give his life in World War I, but was also the first from North Dakota.  He died a hero’s death, carrying a stricken officer toward safety under enemy shelling.  He was hit near his own lines, and comrades brought both men in.  Louis died and the officer survived.”

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