April 8

1978 HD FXE

Sometimes when a model isn’t available, you make do with what ya got.  In this case, my 1978 Superglide, an old “shovelhead” was my model.   It was later in the day and good contrast and colors were available so the motorcycle would have to do.  The backdrop was the Wilton Depot, moved from its spot along the RR tracks to a treed area to become a bit of a museum of a kind.

Later, I thought, hmmm…this model might be good to practice shooting motorcycles, a type of photography I’ve done a bit of and would like to do more. So, I moved the bike downtown in Wilton, up next to one of the buildings on Main Street that was reportedly built nearly 100 years ago with Wilton brick.  Notice the mortar squeezing out between the bricks.  Hmmm..style and technique have changed.

I like the old motorcycle as a model. I’ll hafta try this trick again.

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