March 29

Taking the dog for a ride

Everyone has to get in to the act, even the dog. 

When this couple cruised by me on the way up River Road north of Bismarck, I had to do what I could to get their photograph.  Fortunately, they were accommodating and I actually got several pictures.

They weren’t the only ones out for a warm spring day cruise.

River Road is a tree-line winding road that follows the Missouri River north of Bismarck. It joins up with Hwy 1804 which is named for the year the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery went upstream exploring the Louisiana Purchase.  Along the west side of the river is Hwy 1806, the year the Corps came back down the river.

These days, Bismarck-area bikers, not explorers are often on River Road. It’s about 40 miles of very scenic riding, so on a warm spring day, it’s going to be well-traveled.

I positioned myself in a way that I could see bikes coming and going, taking the curves riding through the trees.  I was rewarded with several good shots of riders who know a good spring ride is closer than you think.

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