March 28

A cold ride in the Badlands

It’s a week in to the official “spring” in North Dakota and bikers are ready to ride even if there is still snow in the Badlands.  I caught these riders on a 50 degree day on Scenic Highway 22 on the southern edge of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. That’s the Little Missouri River in the background under that plain flat jersey barrier bridge that replaced the through-truss bridge that once stood there.

These riders had used up the warm part of the day and now were re-grouping at the pull over between Killdeer and Mandaree.  They were from various parts of the nearby region, mostly from Killdeer and were excited and happy to get out to ride.

It’s an early season ride like this that leathers are not fashion statements, they’re required wearing for warmth.  The chick in the middle with the long reddish-brown hair?  It would have been a miserably cold ride for her, under-dressed as she was.

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