March 20

Kat the woodworker

Allow me to introduce you to a multi-talented person.  Kat used to be a 2nd grade school teacher. She’s also been a computer geek.   She runs a home remodeling business most of the year, but in the winter, makes barn board decorations such as frames. And oh, she’s an artist, mostly with pencil, but also with air brush.  I’m pleased to have such a talented and artistic person as a my friend.  Her skills, knowledge and abilities are an asset.

Her winter activities of woodworking are under the label Vintage Prairie.  I think next winter she’s gonna give it a big push on-line and in public.  Her work is not slopped together, but as you would expect from an artist, a computer geek, it is precise and tight.  I shot her at work and some of her finished products for her website Vintage Prairie.  Then came spring and her home remodeling business took off again.  So, for now, the frames hang on the wall in the shop, waiting for her return.

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