March 19

I’ve got a thing for shots at night.  The camera catches light and illumination differently than does our eyes.  It can direct your eyes to go where you may have looked elsewhere. Take this shot for example. Think of where your eyes traveled as you looked at it. How quickly did your eyes run down the length of the truck? At what point did you focus on the fuel pumps?  Did you try to read the label?  These are things you may have missed in the daylight when there is so much to distract.

The Wilton Cenex Convenience Store is an amazing little place. If you browse the aisles back toward the hardware store and shop, you’ll be impressed with the things you find.  Heck, you might even see a rack with some of my postcards for sale there!  Anyway, the south end of the lot often has a few semi’s parked overnight, like a truck stop. Yet the primary target audience of the Farmers Union Cenex Convenience Store is as the name suggests, farmers.

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