March 15

Quick! Catch it before it’s gone! Those last golden rays of the day.

The Golden Hour is a photographer’s gold mine.  If prepared, a shooter can find the right place to wait for the light to turn to gold.  Waiting too long and it’s gone.  The Wilton Grain Elevator is a perfect example of how the golden hour casts its glow on the scene.  Notice how the sky and the snow are already turning dusky lavender?  The elevator soon would follow, but at just that moment, I got to catch its reflection of the sunset.

Two of the three egg-shaped spires of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Wilton were my first images of the day to try to capture at sunset, the golden hour. Soft and gentle against the pink sky, they make a sharp contrast with the sunset lavender in the clouds.

Still, though it was the grain elevator that caught my eye and I fell left the best example of  The Golden Hour.

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