March 5

To those of us who use it, we know the Bismarck Public Library is a strong asset to the community.  Its links with the libraries of Bismarck State College, the University of Mary, and the Mandan/Morton library mean that from here, you can find the book, movie, magazine, document, recording or even painting you may want to check out.

The remodeling of the Children’s Library adds to the value of the library.  It was opened just a day or two before I took this photo.   The Children’s Library didn’t look anything like this when I took my kids there, and perhaps some day I’ll take them back to get their reaction to the new look.

Most of my time in the Bismarck Library these days is in the basement almost directly under the trumpeter statue where the North Dakota history books are found.

Thanks to library director Tom Jones, the man in the doorway to the back of the Children’s Library for letting me get this photo.

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