February 24

Bundled against the cold a lone snowmobiler crosses a highway to continue his or her trip down the ditch of Highway 83, north of Bismarck.  Snowmobiles, or “sleds” are one way to break the monotony of winter.  Often used as a tool for a farmer or rancher to get out on the range to check the condition of his land or cattle, sleds are mostly used for entertainment.  North Dakota has hundreds of miles of marked snowmobile trails, some heading up to the Canadian border.  Most, though run in the expansive ditches along the state’s highway scene.

I was shopping for my 1-a-day photo when I saw this snowmobile headed this way. I parked and waited for the rider to pass by.  There’s not much life out here to shoot, and having shot my share of snowdrifts, I welcomed this shot of a snowmobile.

Later, I spotted a pair of sleds and nabbed photos of them as they zoomed up and away from me.

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