February 22

Ben plays the East 40 ChophouseBismarck is blessed with a hidden resource. Among all the hard-working, no-nonsense cultures of the region (Norwegian, Germans, Ukrainians, Native American) are points of entertainment and creative expression.  Ben Suchy is one of those.  Ben comes from a hardworking family of Bohemian descent who farm and ranch south of Mandan.  they’re a hard-working dirt-under-the-fingernails kind of earthy family. But they’ve been blessed musical talent.  Ben’s dad Chuck is frequently heard on Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion as the North Dakota troubadour.  Ben’s sister with the Dollys is also on PHC.  Ben makes his appearance there as well with his blend of reggae, jazz, folk, blues.

During North Dakota’s long winters, Monday nights Sushi and Suchy at the East 40 Chophouse in Bismarck is a place to escape the hardness of life on the Northern Plains.  There, you can hear the exquisite sounds of Ben as he puts his interpretation to songs of Jack Johnson, Taj Mahal, Neil Young and others.

Ben is only one of the many talented musicians in North Dakota. There are too many cover bands and bar bands that try to pass themselves off as musicians. Ben and other like him are the real thing.

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