February 13


Those white elephant Christmas parties…you never know what your about to be given.  Even after you open the package, you still may not know.  Such as these beads and the jar of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.  A middle class neighborhood.  Large garage, warm fire, plenty of libations and who knows what will happen.    Oh you  know what will happen.

You’ll have fun and laugh a lot.  There may be some surprising gifts that you wouldn’t want to take home to kids to play with, but you’ll have fun.  We did at this February 13 Christmas/Valentines Day party in Mandan.   It was a very cold snowy night.   And if you’re familiar with cabin fever, it is just starting to set in by mid-February.  That’s why a party like this in the garage can break the doldrums.  12 or 15 people, exchanging gifts, each snickering as their gift is opened by the unsuspecting receiver.   Good conversation. Good food.  Good laughs. I was having such a good time, I forgot to take good pictures.  An oh, my gift?  I wear them to bed at night — minus the long purple dangly balls.tuck those long dangly things behind your back, Mike

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