January 15

Camp Hancock, Bismarck

Bismarck's Camp Hancock at the west end of Main Street

Bismarck has maintained several historic landmarks including Camp Hancock. Ten years after the Civil War, this was an outpost of the U.S. Army which was sent here to protect Northern Pacific railroad workers. Later it became a supply depot for Fort Abraham Lincoln, about 15 miles south on the other side of the river.  Eventually, a weather bureau office was established here until the National Weather Service moved it’s office to the Bismarck airport.

Today, the historic site is a quiet place to enjoy a picnic, or a host a wedding.  Otherwise it’s a stoic reminder of Bismarck’s past.

I shot a series of Bismarck Main Street photos through the winter, including this shot of the near emptiness of Main Street near the Fort.  A brief respite in the winter’s cold allowed a little melting action to make the streets wet.  But it wasn’t long until sub-zero temps returned and this kind of wetly romantic site was gone for a few weeks.

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